I absolutely love this
I wish I could adopt this cutie
Cinco is such a diva
Groomed this big guy with the help of two other people. He was so cooperative and didn’t care when I clipped his nails yay (:

cute black and white blog c:
Close the Pay Gap: Demand Equal Pay for Women
Got myself a beautiful tapestry with elephants, hearts, and flowers on it! (:
I am such a nerd:3
Sunsets are always so beautiful
I found a cute friend in my room
I love waking up to Cinco & Sandy all snuggled up at the end of my bed
Hehe my chickens Tilly, Milly, and Maisy
10 Powerful Aurora Skies over Norway

Aurora Moon by Philip Eaglesfield on Flickr.
I cannot wait to see these two lovely ladies when I go home for spring break:D